Online Prepay Promotion Terms & Conditions

Pay NOW price Terms and Conditions Pay NOW price Terms and Conditions

Prepayment Terms and Conditions

1. Minimum 48 hours advance booking is required.

2. Payment for your rental must be made with your valid credit card such as American Express, Diners, Visa or Mastercard and the same credit card used to make the booking must be presented at the rental counter. Renter must be the credit card holder.

Please Note: Avis does NOT accept debit cards. The credit card used to make the prepayment must be in the name of the person that will be collecting and driving the rental vehicle.
Note to Capitec Customers: AVIS does NOT accept cheque/credit cards without embossed (raised) numbers. An imprint of your card is required when collecting the rental vehicle - Avis is unable to take imprints of such cards.

3. You may cancel your booking at any time before the day you are due to collect your vehicle by calling Reservations or managing your booking online (if available). Depending on when you cancel, you may be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

3.1 If the reservation is cancelled before midnight on the day of booking no cancellation fee will apply, you will be given a full refund.

3.2 If the reservation is cancelled at least 3 complete days before 'pick up' the lower of (i) the full prepaid amount, or (ii) R399.00.

3.3 If the reservation is cancelled less than 3 complete days before 'pick up' the lower of (i) the full prepaid amount, or (ii) 3 days' worth of your booking.

3.4 If the reservation is cancelled on the day of 'pick up' or if you do not cancel and fail to show up no refund will be given, we will retain the full amount.

4. No deliveries will be permitted on prepaid reservations.

5. Avis will not refund on unused days following commencement of the rental. If you wish to modify your reservation date before commencement, please cancel and rebook. No cancelation fees apply so long as another reservation is made.

6. Customers must request a refund in writing from: or fax 086 516 8309. A minimum of 7 working days is required for funds to be refunded to credit cards.

7. Standard Avis terms & conditions of the country of rental apply. Rentals may be subject to additional surcharges (eg. special equipment, additional drivers, liability etc). Please refer to specific offer.

For the renter

1. DEFINITIONS - a) "Issuer" means Rent A Car Division of Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Registration Number 1946/021661/07, duly authorised in terms of the laws of the Republic of South Africa and includes its
licensees, sub-licensees and agents . b) "Avis" means the member of the Avis Rent A Car System which may provide car rental services on presentation of this voucher. c) "Customer" means the individual whose details are set out in "Your Personal Details" below.

2. VOUCHER - This voucher represents the Customer's payment for rent a car services in the amount stated below and indicates that payment has been received by the Issuer. This voucher does not constitute a reservation but is simply a record of the Customer's application for vehicle rental services and a receipt for the amount paid by the Customer.

3. TERMS OF RENTAL - When the Customer presents this voucher to pay for vehicle rental services offered by Avis the Customer will be required to enter into a separate rental agreement with Avis. The agreement will govern the Customer's rights and responsibilities in relation to the vehicle rented. If the Customer has any queries or problems the Customer will need to take them up with Avis Customer Services in the country of booking. This voucher does not constitute a contract between the Customer and the Issuer for the Issuer to provide vehicle rental services. Avis may refuse to rent to persons (a) under the applicable minimum age (b) not in possession of a valid recognised driving licence (c) who in Avis' opinion constitute an unreasonable risk or (d) unable to satisfy standard credit or cash qualification requirements applied by Avis from time to time.

4. ADDITIONAL CHARGES - The sum appearing in the "Amount" box below represents payment by the Customer for vehicle rental services up to that amount. The Customer shall be liable to pay Avis for all charges incurred in excess of such amount.

5. RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS THEFT ETC. OF VOUCHER - Neither the Issuer nor Avis shall be liable to the Customer for any loss, damage, liability or delay resulting from (a) the loss or theft of this voucher prior to its presentation to Avis for rental services or (b) this voucher being honoured on presentation by an individual other than the Customer.

6. VALIDITY AND REFUND - This voucher is valid for 24 hours after the dates of rental specified below. If Avis should cancel this voucher where it is unable to or in its discretion has declined to provide services to the Customer or if it is unused on the specified dates upon request of the Customer a refund shall be made to the Customer by the Issuer. In the last case Avis reserves the right to deduct a cancellation or no show fee from the refund.

7. RENTAL PERIOD PAID - Rentals for periods of more than 30 days are not authorised by means of this voucher. a) The relationship of Avis and the Issuer is that of independent contractors and the Issuer has no authority to accept any contract or order on behalf of Avis or otherwise bind Avis. b) Payments made to the Issuer are received by the Issuer as agent for Avis. c) The issue of this voucher to the Customer shall mean acceptance by the Customer of these terms and conditions.