Environment - together we can fight global warming

For more than a decade we have been doing our bit for the environment by measuring and taking action against our CO2 emissions. We have actively reduced our emissions and worked with partners to minimise our impact on the environment.

We also want to help you to reduce the impact of your journey on the climate. When you book with Avis, you have the opportunity of reducing the CO2 emissions produced by your journey for just 1.00 or €1.50.

The monies are used to purchase carbon credits, so that every tonne of CO2 emitted by your driving is counter balanced with a tonne of CO2 saved by a validated emission reduction project that has met international standards.

This could be, for example, a project to swap coal fired power stations with solar or hydro. The offset projects have to show that they would not have happened without the carbon monies.

When it comes to the environment, as in every area of our business, We Try Harder.

To find out more about how Avis has been making the world a little greener click here www.avis-greenerworld.com